Swagger and Substance


I’m going to give you a key concept that’ll help you understand how to make yourself a timeless hip hop artist.

Listen to me when I tell you this.

If you fully get what I am showing you here, you will know how to create music that will last forever. You will know how to become an artist who has longevity. You’ll know how to write songs that people will be singing in 2033. This is common sense, deep down you already know what I am about to share with you…

I call this concept “Swagger And Substance”.

Think of swagger and substance on a spectrum, with Swagger on one end and Substance on the other:


It’s when you find that sweet spot, right in the middle, that you create a new superstar:

Superstar (Timeless)


This MC delivers a definite message through his music and delivers it effectively. He is cool enough that one doesn’t feel awkward playing his music with the windows down, and yet he still has something of value to say. This is a superstar.

It’s as simple as that.

When you veer off to the far right or far left of this spectrum is when you become “Trendy” or “Cult” For

One Hit Wonder (Trendy)


This is an MC who’s full of swagger with no substance. He will simply be focusing on how tight he is, or what he has, but lacks any depth of character in his music… Hence trendy.

Is this making sense to you? Here’s another example:

Underground (Cult)


This is an MC who focuses all on content but not on delivery. He will probably use lots of big words and long complicated sentences. He will have lots to say, but he doesn’t deliver it in a way that is easily
understandable to the masses.

Make sense?

So find your balance. Find you sweet spot. Balance the cool parts of your personality with the depth of your character and you’ll connect with people. Throw a dope beat underneath you and you can make waves.





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