Be Congruent To Yourself


Be congruent to YOURSELF. Not to Lil Wayne, Not to Jay-Z, but to YOU.

What does congruent mean?

Congruent means that everything matches up.

When I hear you speak, it matches up to the character I see in your interviews. When I see your clothes it matches up to the persona that you project in your music. Everything needs to agree with each other. I heard somewhere that a house divided against itself can’t stand, well whoever said that is speaking the truth!

In hip hop culture, what do we we call a house divided against itself? FAKE.

EVERYBODY has an interesting story to tell… Let me repeat, EVERYBODY. We all come
from the same source, we all learn the same lessons, the only difference is in HOW we learn those lessons. Speak from your heart in your music even when you are doing club records. Speak from your heart PERIOD. Let the world now how you came to be who you are now. Do this and your likelihood for longevity in this game will increase tenfold.