How To Pick The Right Beats


How I see it, picking the right beats all comes down to one question: “Is it hot?”.

I don’t care what kind of genre of music you make, I don’t care what message you’re delivering, I don’t care who you are, If your music isn’t hot it is non-existent. Sure, you can build yourself a small cult following with unhot music if that’s what you choose. But if you’re not aiming towards ultimate success then you might want to stop reading my blog. I’m focused on being the best I can be and helping others achieve the same.

So how do you know if it’s hot?

It’s simple; Does it strike a chord with a you?

Does your face automatically scrunch up when the beat drops?

Do you feel your heart strings being pulled when the lush strings hit your ear drums?

If it does, it’s hot. Hot music invokes emotion in the listener. That’s all there is to it.

Bland music will get you nowhere. Safe music will get you nowhere. You must be hot. When picking your beats, don’t be overly logical. Don’t pick your beats based of what you should do or what you think
might please your audience. Pick your beats based off of what makes you loose it. Pick the beats that automatically gets your blood pumping and your mind churning out lyrics.

Think of it this way, If you love it that much, I can guarantee you there is someone else out there who loves it as much as you do. It’s called being honest. It’s called making good music. It’s when
we stop making the music that moves our soul that we become commercialized. It’s when we start creating music in order to get paid that we stop creating the music that lives forever. Go with your heart and you can not fail.



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