Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do


So you’ve chosen to be in the music industry. Do you know what you have gotten yourself into? Hopefully so, because if you don’t… You won’t last.

If you don’t have a tough skin then you might want to think about taking up knitting or something. The music industry is not here to pamper your feelings, it is here to make money. Plain and simple. If you’re good, you’ll be profitable, If you’re wack you won’t.

Expect to hear the brutal truth about your precious artistic creations. You’ve worked on this 1 song for 2 months, you’ve rewritten it 78 times, you imbued it with deep layers of metaphorical meaning, all your
friends think it is god on a CD, and you play it for an A&R who listens to it for 15 seconds and tells you it’s garbage.

Can you handle that? Or are you going to spend the rest of your life talking about how A&R’s are idiots and blaming them for your lack of success?

Here’s the bottom line. Making it in the music industry is hard. You will probably go through times when no one believes in your vision.

Let me repeat… No one.

Do you have what it takes to stand on your own two without anyone supporting you and still bump your shit?

Do you have what it takes to approach 20 people a night asking them to buy your record and have them laugh in your face?

Do you have what it takes to walk with your head high, shoulders back, like you invested the first shares of Google and you don’t have more than 20 dollars in the bank?

Well if you don’t have what it takes then you don’t have what it takes. But if you do, then you know what you have to do.

Keep pushin’.

Ain’t nothing given in life, It’s earned. I actually feel sorry for people who are given everything they want without having to earn it because these people are not given the opportunity to grow up; To become a strong adult with character.

When we leave this planet we don’t take anything we have, we only take what we have become. Pursue your dreams not to gain fame and fortune but to become the person it’ll make of you to achieve that dream. The potential is in you, it’s now up to you to make it the actual.