How To Get In Your Zone


Have you ever watched a NBA game and notice a player get hot? It seems like everything they throw up finds it way into the basket. After the game when the player gets interviewed and they usually say “I got into a zone”.

What is the zone?

Can you get into the zone when you’re rapping?

Of course.

Have you ever freestyled?

When you’re in the zone, the words just come to you.

You can easily think of the next thing to say while your in the middle of saying something. Everything just comes together on it’s own.

How do we do this on purpose?

The key to being in your zone is… Get ready for it… Here it comes…

Stop trying to be in your zone.

The zone is your natural state when your bullshit is not taking you out of it.

What is your bullshit?

Your thoughts and emotions.

There is nothing wrong with thoughts and emotions, but when start taking them too seriously, that’s when they take us out of our zone.

What happens when you walk into a room and realize there are 100 people in the room with you?

If you’re like most people, your bullshit starts to come up.

Your insecurities, your fears, and your mind gets to going. You switch from “normal mode” to “social mode”. You start thinking a bunch of shit (“Who are these people?”, “Where should I stand?”, “Damn, she sexy.” blah blah blah).

You don’t have to let your bullshit run the show.

You can let your zone run the show.

How do you do this?

By simply choosing to let the BS go.

To see it for what it is and not become attached to it.

To face whatever comes up and stop giving your power to it.

Your power unhampered is what people call “The zone”.

You get into it by being yourself.