What You Do Comes Natural To You


You have a unique gift within you.

More than likely this unique gift is what comes natural to you. See most people are looking for something unique to do, but this intention is paradoxical. You don’t become unique by trying to be unique, you become unique simply by being yourself. Let go of all of that bullshit, just be yourself, and what you’re here to do will surface. Listen to this story I just read in Les Brown’s Book “Live Your Dream”:

Art Fry has a problem while singing in the North Presbyterian church choir. He kept losing his place in choir book because his bookmark kept slipping down into the book. Because his bookmark disappeared, Art was left to fumble through the pages when it came time to sing.

Art worked his way through the University of Minnesota, by selling pots and pans door-to-door. He had always had a knack for inventing things as a child, and after he had earned a degree in chemical engineering, he landed a job as a product-development specialist at 3M Corporation in Rochester, Minnesota. In his new position he decided to figure out how to fix his ‘bookmark drop’ issue.

He came up with a bookmark that had a bit of stickum on it. The idea stuck so well, in fact, that Art looked for other applications. He decided his stickum idea would work great with memo pads. At first most of his co-workers thought Art had been inhaling glue fumes too long. They told him the idea was irrelevant. Art stuck to his guns and began giving out his sticky little memopads to his co-workers. Then one day, one of Art’s top bosses walked through the snow for several blocks just to get some more, and Art knew for sure his ‘Post-its’ were a great idea.

Art’s idea became one of the top-selling office products in 3M history. It earns his company millions of dollars each year. And Art has risen to the high-paying and esteemed position of 3M corporate scientist. He now spends his days looking for more good ideas because 3M knows the power of a single idea.”

You see Art came into success just by paying attention to life and doing what came to him naturally. I doubt that Art would have gotten to where he is in life if his initial intention was to come up with the world’s next best thing.

Make sense?