How To Create A Hit Record


Here are 3 keys to creating a hit record:

1) Universal appeal.

The key to writing a hit song is to make it personal enough to have universal appeal. It’s a paradox. The more personal you get, the more universal the reliability. Write about what you experience on a daily basis that no one is talking about yet. That’s where the hidden gems are.

2) A Hot Beat.

The first thing that grabs a listeners attention is the beat. After they’re captured by the rhythm then they can focus on what you’re talking about. So many talented artists have hot songs written over garbage beats. Its’ like serving a t-bone steak on a dirty plate. Would you eat it?

3) Easy to sing along with.

Usually, the most popular records are the ones that are easiest to sing along with. When someone can sing along it creates familiarity, familiarity creates a connection, connection creates an album sale.