Dance Alone


Watch this 3 min video and read on:

What started as a one man dance crew ended up a full blown party. This video personifies how movements are started.

Do you have the courage to dance alone?

The initial phase of any movement is the hardest part.

A space shuttle burns 83% of it’s fuel during take off.

If you stick to your guns though, keep dancing by your damn self, you’ll attract followers who share your courage.

If y’all keep dancing together, sooner or later, people watching will catch the vibe and join the party.

That’s what you gotta do. Get up every day and dance by yourself.

Boogie on them niggas.

Set your sight on what you love and start dancing toward it. Don’t worry about the response, just do your thing.

If you have the courage to dance alone, your party is on it’s way.