Why Sending Out Demos Doesn’t Work


The music industry is in a place that it has never been. Old paradigms of success need to be updated if we are going to remain relevant. One of those old paradigms is the “Sending out Demos” paradigm.

Plain and simple, Record labels are looking to partner with already developing artists instead of developing them themselves.

The old days were about finding the right manager who could walk your demo right to the head of the label and convince them that you are a diamond in the rough. Convince them that even though you haven’t sold a record, with the right marketing you could be a big act.

Though theoretically you could still get on this way, it is now more the exception to the rule.

Nowadays, record labels are signing acts that already have a movement. What is a movement? It’s simple:


Fans are all you need to take you wherever you want to go. It is fans who will buy your records and merchandise. You have no career without fans.

So switch your mindset. Quit sending demos and hope to get signed, and rather put a out project, promote it, and grind. Build your fan base and you’ll build yourself a successful career, label or not.