Why You Need To Give Away Free Shit


It’s not news that people love free stuff. Hell, the only reason you’re probably reading this blog post is because you think you’re gonna to get some free beats at the end. Well it’s time for you to put this tried and true principle to work for you.

If you are not giving away free shit on a consistent basis then you are still stuck in the past. The landscape has changed. I’m sure you are aware that Drake’s mixtape ‘So Far Gone’ was originally given away free.

You’ve got to change your mindset from short term instant gratification to long term delayed gratification if you want to last in the music game.

If you focus on supplying value vs. extracting value then you’re on track to establishing a solid foundation.

See most people are out trying to extract value from people (get money from them, get
twitter followers, get fame, get get get). When you switch your frame of mind to supplying value to people (Giving good music, giving entertaining live shows, Giving wisdom) you’ll be on your way to establishing true long-lasting success. True success takes time.

So the bottom line is: Do you have a bunch of songs on your PC that you’re holding on to waiting for the right time to release?

Give them away.

Music is infinite, you’ll always be able to make better songs. Start building your true following. Start distributing yourself. The money will come. Focus on supplying your listeners with the illest shit they’ve ever heard. Everything else will fall into place.