How To Get To The Next Step


How do you get to the next step?

You put in work.

It’s so simple that people don’t want to to hear it. But some of the most profound truths are the simplest.

One my mentors gave me some advice that I’ll never forget and it’s simple : “Stay In Phase 1”.

What is phase 1? Phase 1 is the doing the first thing that is central to your business. If you’re in network marketing phase 1 is recruiting. If you’re running a bakery, phase 1 is baking new products. If you’re a rapper phase 1 is making songs.

It’s very easy to start focusing on other things once you get the ball rolling, like getting your name out and networking. Now networking is important but if you’re not consistently in phase 1 you won’t have anything to network about. Or worse you’ll be out networking with 6 year old songs.

Stay in phase 1 and everything else falls into place easier. Way easier.