Persistence Wears Down Resistance


Just wanted to shoot you a quick true story that illustrates the simple truth that, If you want to be highly successful, you’re going to have to be persistent.

Do you know the story of Colonel Sanders? Well this is the guy who founded KFC and it was no walk in the park for him to get his company off the ground. Peep this story I just read at

“When Colonel Sanders was 65 years old, he received his first social security check of US $99. He was broke. His only asset was a secret chicken recipe.

He left his home in Kentucky and traveled to the many states in the US to sell this recipe. He offered his secret chicken recipe to many restaurants for free. All he wanted in return was a small percentage of the sales. He was shown the door by many restaurants. ”Get out of here. Who wants a recipe from Santa
Claus?” (a direct quote) the restaurant owners shouted, referring to the dress code Sanders adopted: a white shirt and white trousers. Over 1,000 restaurants rejected his offer. On his 1,009th sales visit, one restaurant finally accepted his offer.Today, Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets and fatherly Colonel Sanders’ statues are found all over the world.”

How many of you would have quit after the 587th no?

Colonel Sanders didn’t.

Now if a 65 year old man can get up and keep going again and again, facing rejection repeatedly, can’t you?

You absolutely can.

Keep pushin’.