Non-Exclusive, Premium, or Exclusive?


Today I want to clarify when you should go for a non-exclusive, premium, or exclusive license.

It really all depends on your situation.

Say you’re just starting out in your rap career. You’ve put out 1 mixtape and just getting your feet wet. You don’t really have much of a budget and you’re just doing it because you love to do it.

A non-exclusive license is perfect for this situation.

It’ll allow you to inexpensively record a song, put it on a mixtape/street album, and sell up to 2,000 copies/downloads. And the great thing is once you sell 2,000, you’ll have the money to buy exclusive rights so you can continue building. It’s the perfect way to get you going.

Now say you’re a little bit deeper into your career. You’ve put out a few mixtapes, you’re starting to buzz, and you’re ready to put together a studio album.

Now it’s time for you to start thinking about Premium.

Premium is a must for studio albums because you need the track stems to get the best mix.

Track stems means that each instrument will have it’s own solo WAV file. Your engineer can load each instrument into it’s own channel and mix it accordingly to your vocals.

Now say you’ve recorded a studio album and released it. You know what you’re doing. You know you can move units and you’re looking to secure exclusive beats for your next studio Album.

Exclusive Rights is the way to go.

Exclusive rights is for the person who is ready to make a major move. With exclusive rights, you’ll be the only person who has unlimited usage of the beat. You’ll be unlimited in every way, no exceptions. It’ll be removed from my catalog and now yours to run with. This perfect for people with larger budgets and more experience.

Make sense?