How To Get Paid


Are you getting paid?

Do you have enough cash to do what you want to do?

When you think of your financial situation are you happy or frustrated?

If your answer isn’t happy, I can help.

Having money is important, no doubt about it. With money you can keep a roof over your head. You can travel the world. You can take advantage of opportunities. You can help people. Zig Ziglar said it best when he said: “Money ain’t everything, but it ranks up there with oxygen.”

I’m going to share with you the key to making money and you can quote me on this:

Money flows to you when you focus on creating value, instead of trying to get money.

Do you get that?

When you wake up with the mindset “How am I gonna get this money today?”, your focus is on how you’re going to get value. From my experience, this leads to frustration. Your focus is on trying to get something from people and they can feel it.

We can all feel when someone wants something from us, and what do we do when we feel that?

We shrink away.

It feels awkward and we don’t want to be around it. We definitely don’t feel the impulse to give that person some money.

But when you wake up with the mindset “How can I create some value for someone today?”, you’re on the right track.

Your focus is not oriented toward trying to get something from people but instead trying to help them.

This is the best way to make money: Helping people solve their problems and getting paid for it. It feels great. And when you’re paid, there’s no guilt. This is the way we were designed to make money.

So my question to you is: “How can you create value for someone through your music?”

How can you really help someone? How can you impact them? How can you lighten their mood? How can you help them move from being depressed to letting loose?

Figure out how you can supply value to people. Then when you supply enough, money will come to you and you’ll know exactly why.