You Got This


You got this.

There may be people who doubt you. You may be one of them.

You still got it.

There ain’t one person on this planet that doesn’t have a dope gift to give that’ll make them a living.

If you’re not feeling the truth of this then you need to get your motives straight.

What you feel is your motive.

If you’re feeling doubtful and down, then your motive is to get something that you don’t have. That’s why you feel doubtful, because you’re trying to get something and you think you don’t have it.

You got this.

You don’t have to get something you already have.

When you realize you got it, then your motives shift to being what you are and sharing that.

When your motive is to be dope and share in that dopeness with others, how could you feel down?

When your motive is to share what you got, you automatically feel great. When you feel great you do your best work. When you do your best work you’ll be taken care of.

Success automatically follows worthwhile motives.

You got this.

Let the world know what you have.