About Nersh



Nersh a.k.a. Inertia is an award-winning Rapper/Producer who specializes in truth-filled rhymes and dope beats. He’s from Wichita, KS; Born and raised in an urban environment. He discovered his talent for music when he rapped in the lunch time cypher at his high school. When the hallway went crazy after his second bar, he knew he had found his calling. He started making beats to rap over and the music was acclaimed by others. Nersh landed a production placement with Universal/Interscope/Collipark Music on Soulja Boy’s 3rd Studio Album (The DeAndre Way, 2010). Nersh won 1st place at iStandard Producer Showcase (Atlanta, 2011). Nersh won the Akademia Award for Best Rap Album (Misunderstood, 2016).

  •  1st Place Winner

    iStandard Producer Showcase (Atlanta, 2011)